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Coratex Purging Emulsion

Coratex Purging Emulsion
Coratex Purging Emulsion
Product Code : IT-5004
Product Description

When changing your molding machine to run a different material and/or switching the color of the mixture, you need a purging compound that will not only remove all traces of the previous mix, including degraded material from the screw and barrel, but accomplish this with as little downtime as possible.

IT-5004 liquid purging compound cleans the entire plasticator, mixed with a minimum amount of plasticizing material. It can be used immediately after the molding process to avoid costly delays in production. It will clean not only the pigments and plastic residue from the barrel and screw but, when used without a carrier, is also an excellent polishing medium for removing oxidation from metal. IT-5004 purges barrels and screws, nozzles and hot-runner tooling of extruders and injection molding machines under operating conditions.

It enables a fast change of raw material and higher production efficiency and eliminates stubborn contamination. oxidation traces and coking residues It offers low purging process costs combined with easy handling.